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Why Choose Black Diamond Engagement Rings?



Why Choose Black Diamond Engagement Rings?

In years past, black diamond rings were not all that popular. They were hard to cut and polish just because of their inconsistency in cracks and edges and while they were popular for other uses, black diamond rings they were definitely not as popular. Over the last few years, this trend has started to come into favor for the black diamond.  There are a few reasons that have led to this increase in popularity.

Black Diamonds New Popularity

One reason that has led to the popularity of the black diamond rings is due to celebrities. In the last few years, more and more celebrities are seen wearing these black diamonds. They do so to be different and, ironically, their rabid fans follow their every move. Because of these celebrity endorsements, the black diamond is very popular among those that are looking to mimic celebrities or be considered trendy.

Besides celebrity endorsements, there are actually plenty of other reasons to choose the black diamond for an engagement ring. The first property that makes the black diamond popular is that it is still very strong. While tend to be susceptible to cracking when being cut and polished, once this is done, the remaining black diamond is actually very strong.


How it is Different

The black diamond is not as reflective and does not shine or sparkle as much as a colorless diamond, but it does provide an excellent contrast to the regular diamond. Some people actually argue that the black diamond actually makes the colorless diamond sparkle even more because of its ability to contrast the colors when set together.

Black diamond rings are not just limited to women. In fact, the appeal is very strong with men because it does not have quite as much feminine appeal as the colorless diamond. Many men have their wedding bands surrounded with black diamonds, which gives the wedding band a very unique look with the diamonds without looking like a lady’s ring.

People who choose to wear black diamond rings are definitely not traditionalists. When black diamonds are added to a ring setting, whether as the centerpiece or as the accompaniment, they are there to make a statement. It is very obvious what the role of the black diamond is in the ring setting. Any person that wants to make a statement will want to have black diamonds.

Another reason why people choose black diamonds is that they are actually a little easier to shop for. Most people have heard of the four C’s as they relate to diamonds and gemstones. For black diamond rings, there is no need to even worry about the four C’s. The diamonds are so dark that a person cannot see anything in the stone that indicates perfection levels. Instead, a person just needs to look at the outside of the black diamond to determine whether it is a good quality or not. The diamond must be a solid black color without any faded areas or uneven colors to be considered high quality.

Black diamond rings can also be fashioned into the shapes of traditional colorless diamonds. The popular shapes include the round cut, oval cut, princess cut, emerald cut, brilliant cut, cushion cut, Asscher cut, pear cut, heart cut, and marquise cut, but they can also be fashioned into baguettes to accompany other diamonds.

One reason for choosing black diamond rings, which is sometimes overlooked or not discussed, is the cost of black diamond rings versus the white or colorless diamond rings. The black diamonds are actually less expensive than the other types of diamonds. In fact, this is one of the main reasons why so many businesses and industries use the black diamond for their applications.

To add value to black diamond rings, most people add things like a thicker gold or platinum band as well as an array of white or colorless diamonds to surround the black diamond. This type of setting actually helps to make the white or colorless diamonds pop out more to the naked eye.

Rarity and Cost Differences of Diamonds

Black diamonds are just as rare as colorless or white diamonds. The main difference between the two is the quality, as the black diamonds are not as good as the colorless or white diamonds. The black diamond itself is actually porous and full of nicks and inclusions, which means that they are not formed with great quality. This is the main reason why they do not cost as much, but because the diamond is so dark, these imperfections are not easily seen, especially to the naked eye.

Another factor that creates a disparity between white or colorless diamonds and black diamonds is the versatility of the black diamond rings. The great thing about these types of rings is that they can be worn for both very dressy functions as well as for very casual functions. People refer to this as the ability to both dress up and dress down when people are able to use the same black diamond rings for any type of occasion actually means fewer expenses on accessories.

When choosing diamonds, whether it be colorless, blue, yellow, or black, it really comes down to preference. Most people choose to have diamond rings that are different from everyone else’s diamond rings because they want to have something that is truly unique to them. Others want their diamond rings to make a statement and want others to see their ring and say “wow!”

It is because of this that the black diamond rings have made their way into the market. The black diamonds themselves do not make much of a statement and they do not have as much value, sparkle, value, or quality, but when cleaned and polished and then accompanied by a set of white or colorless diamonds, the black diamond rings all of a sudden make a statement that makes people notice. Contrast is important and creates something that is valuable in the aesthetic sense and provides a woman with an amazing engagement ring.



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