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The Power of Gemstones




The Power of Gemstones

Since as far back as the 15th century, there has been a sort of mystical power that surrounds gemstones that is not limited to western culture. When looking through ancient writings, it can be seen that many of the ancient cultures believed in the power of gemstones. Cultures of all types designate specific gemstones to certain birth months, and each gemstone has its own unique set of characteristics and powers. Each culture may have a little variance to what they believe is the right gemstone for each month and the powers that it brings. Most people today go by the American designations for gemstones  jewelry.

Birthstones Have Unique Backgrounds

Each month has a different gemstone associated with it to signify something specific and each one has a reason that stone is chosen. These stones are thought to provide certain elements of healing or protection for the people that are born in that month or wear the stones

For the month of January, the gemstone is garnet. This birthstone can come in a variety of colors from a deep red to amber and even some green. Garnet gemstone jewelry is often thought of as a gemstone that can purify and cleanse and the areas of the body that are thought to be most affected by garnet gemstone jewelry is the thyroid and spleen.

In February, the birthstone is amethyst, which is a beautiful purple or violet color. Amethyst gemstones jewelry has been associated with many myths and legends throughout history. It is thought to have psychic powers. Additionally, the amethyst is thought to have the power to help with problems breathing and of the blood.


The aquamarine is the birthstone for the month of March. The name is derived from the Latin words aqua and marina, meaning water of the sea. This light blue colored gemstone has been often associated with peace and serenity and many people actually use it as a meditation stone. Aquamarine gemstones jewelry is also thought to have healing powers that are related to the stomach, thymus, liver, and even the throat.

April is signified by the diamond gemstone. This gemstone is thought to have the powers to remove toxins and blockages from the body. It also helps with clarity and balance within the body. From a spiritual perspective, diamond gemstones jewelry helps a person remove any negativity within the body.

For the month of May, the gemstone is emerald, and  this gemstone is green in color and is thought to have the power to preserve love. A lot of cultures view emerald gemstones jewelry as a symbol of faith and hope. It is thought to have the healing powers related to the eyes while being great for creating love.

Alexandrite is the birthstone for the month of June. This rare gemstone is sometimes referred to as a chameleon. It can actually change colors depending on the type of light that is shined on it. Now alexandrite gemstones jewelry is thought to have the power to heal the central nervous system. It is extremely rare so sometimes only synthetic ones can be found.

In June, the birthstone is the ruby. This is typically a deep red, almost blood red color and is often thought of as the most powerful of the gemstones. It is associated with love most often, but its powers, as they relate to the body, are the power to aid in blood flow and circulation. Ruby gemstones jewelry can also help to remove germs and harmful particles from the bloodstream.

For the month of August, the peridot is the birthstone of the month. This light green colored gemstone represents lightness and beauty. It is thought to have the power to heal the gall bladder and liver, but in ancient times, it was thought of as a gift from Mother Nature.

The September gemstone is the sapphire. This gemstone has been one of the more popular gemstones for centuries. The sapphire is a medium dark blue is thought to have the power to cure a sore throat. In addition to the healing properties, sapphire is also thought to have the ability to promote mental clarity.

The month of October is known as the month for tourmaline gemstones jewelry. This gemstone comes in a variety of colors, and some are even multi colored. This type of gemstone is associated with luck and money, and it is also associated with happiness or the ability to bring happiness to a person. Some businessmen and businesswomen keep this gemstone with them to bring luck for their business.

In November, the gemstone here is the topaz gemstone. Topaz gemstones jewelry is a lighter colored pink, red, orange or yellow color. This gemstone is thought to have the power to protect a person from negative energy while preventing a person from having bad dreams. In addition to that, topaz is thought to also have the ability to stimulate metabolism and to increase a person’s appetite.

Finally, for the month of December, the Tanzanite gemstone is the birthstone for the month. This is a beautiful bluish color that is thought to have a connection between the mind and the heart. Tanzanite gemstones jewelry is thought to have the ability to calm a person’s mind as well as help to raise their mental awareness. There is an understanding of peacefulness with the tanzanite gemstone.

For centuries, each of these gemstones is thought to have very high powers related to the mind, body, and soul. They are all thought to have a very large energy field around them which gives these gemstones their unique powers. It is because of these beliefs that they were associated the importance of a person’s birth and the month in which they were born in. For the most part, these gemstones have been associated with birth throughout all past civilizations. There may be a few differences here and there, but for the most part they have been passed from one culture to the next with relatively little change. The powers that each of the gemstones possesses are also similar from culture to culture.


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