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Questions Answered About an Online Jewelry Auction

Your Questions Answered About an Online Jewelry Auction


Many people have questions that they need answered before they move forward with an online jewelry auction. It is only natural since you need to trust the company that you're working with. You're putting your information in and if you do not have much information regarding what they are able to offer – you're not going to want to work with them. Now is the time to have those questions answered by a professional. Learn a bit more about what we do and how we can do it for you. No question is too big!

Q1: Are each of the pieces of jewelry quality and genuine? Are they fake?

A1: Yes, each piece of jewelry that is on the online jewelry auction is real. They all have quality stones and metals. They are the same pieces of jewelry that you'd find in a jewelry store, but at discount prices because the stores were either going out of business or needed to get rid of some of their inventory

Q2: What happens to my personal and financial information when I give it to your site? Are you secured over the Internet?

A2: When you put your personal and financial information into the site, you're able to know that each and every bit of info that is put in there is kept there. We do not sell information and we take pride in the customers that work with us. Feel secure knowing that we use encryption software and that you never have to worry with any of the purchases that you make through us.

Q3: Does every piece truly start at $1 or am I missing something? I see pieces here that are in $100 ranges?

A3: Every piece of jewelry on the online jewelry auction starts at $1. Everything! However, those pieces that are more than $1 are higher because they have bids on them. You're able to see how many people are bidding on the items right on the listing. This gives you a better idea of the competition. Mostly all of the jewelry is never sold at retail prices though.

Bidding Increments

Please note that the first bid ( aka opening or starting bid) on an item does NOT require a raise and therefore has a bid increment of $0.

This site is setup for whole dollar bidding only (no cents allowed,e.g $15).

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $49 $5
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $249 $20
$250 - $399 $25
$400 - $749 $50
$750 - $1999 $100
$2,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10000+ $400