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Learn a Bit More on What a Jewelry Online Auction is


Learn a Bit More on What a Jewelry Online Auction is


What is sweeping the nation lately in the jewelry world? Why, jewelry online auctions are! What exactly are these? This is the question that is going around and you want in on it too! Many people can actually benefit from using this auction site to their advantage. Not only are you able to choose the best jewelry, but you can do so from home, for affordable prices and give a gift that they are sure to love! Not a lot of people can say that they are able to do this.


A jewelry online auction is where you're able to find many different types of jewelry to choose from. You can find everything from rings and necklaces to earrings and bracelets. They also come in an assortment of styles and makes such as gold, silver, platinum or with gems and stones or not.

You're able to bid an amount on the item of your choice. This can be a lower amount than what you'd normally pay for that type of jewelry. Everything on the site starts at $1. That's it! You're able to grab so many deals when each of the pieces is that low!

• Signing up is easy and secure. You have to put your personal and financial information into the field provided, but know that none of your information is sold to third parties so there is no risk involved when it comes to adding a credit card.

Bid and win jewelry right from the comfort of your home. You do not have to leave anywhere to purchase the items or look at expensive gift tags. Work with them to obtain all of the jewelry you could ever ask for!

So now that you know a bit about the jewelry online auction – you shouldn't be sitting here! You should be checking out all that it has to offer? Love jewelry? Need a gift to give? Find it all and more for affordable prices in one secure spot!

Bidding Increments

Please note that the first bid ( aka opening or starting bid) on an item does NOT require a raise and therefore has a bid increment of $0.

This site is setup for whole dollar bidding only (no cents allowed,e.g $15).

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $49 $5
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $249 $20
$250 - $399 $25
$400 - $749 $50
$750 - $1999 $100
$2,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10000+ $400