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Jewelry Rings to Suit All Tastes



Jewelry Rings to Suit All Tastes Are Readily Available

Rings are one of the most popular items of all jewelry pieces available. The many ring styles can cause confusion if you are not sure what style you are looking for, especially if you are purchasing a ring for someone else. There are many ring to suit all tastes. Consider the following tips and basic ring styles before making your next ring purchase.


Do not skimp on quality. If you are seeking jewelry rings to suit all tastes, begin with a gem that is of great quality and that also has a positive cut and a beautiful clarity. No matter the ring style, a ring with quality will be loved and enjoyed for years to come. Quality jewelry rings to suit all tastes are also positive investments. The ring has an opportunity to go up in price as the years go along, or it can be resold for profit.

Yellow Gold and White Gold

Yellow gold and white gold are often the best metals to purchase, no matter the gemstone. Silver is less expensive, but it can often turn green on the fingers of some individuals, making it not appropriate to suit all tastes. White gold is often a fantastic choice for jewelry rings to suit all tastes. It has the great shine of silver or platinum coupled with a wonderful price point and a fantastic durability. Gold is always a great investment. White gold is becoming more popular, especially in Victorian or bridal collections.

Yellow gold is always durable, beautiful and elegant. It is always a good choice when considering jewelry rings to suit all tastes. Yellow gold always makes a statement and can endure daily wear. Nothing says “flash” like yellow gold. Yellow gold rings do not always need gemstones to make a beautiful statement, for the gold speaks for itself.



Jewelry Ring Styles

Everyone has a ring style, but if you ask them what it is, many individuals cannot answer that question. Ring styles simply coordinate with the clothing style of an individual since the clothing style is often reflective of an individual's personality. Take a look at the following ring styles that can shine well with everyone:

Modern is a popular style of ring. The modern jewelry rings to suit all tastes include styles with geometric wide bold lines, architectural lines or merging styles. Modern jewelry rings to suit all tastes that love everything trendy have gemstones in brilliant colors including blue, pink, red, green, cognac, champagne or purple. Edgy with angular and variant patterns, the modern style often fits all tastes.

Choose vintage rings as a second style. The modern jewelry rings to suit all tastes include stones such as pearl, opal, moonstone, tanzanite, amethyst, emerald, ruby, sapphire, diamonds or a mixture of several gemstones within one ring. Vintage rings often include what is officially titled “Mothers Rings” or “Family Rings” where the ring includes a gemstone representing the birthstone of each family member within a specific family unit. Mothers rings are jewelry rings to suit all tastes due to the fact that they represent the family members and are unique for each individual that wears them. If the person you are considering buying a ring for loves romance novels, they will love the vintage jewelry ring style.

Classic jewelry rings to fit all tastes include several styles: three-stone ring representing the past, present and future; channel set; prong set; solitaire; inside or shared prong. Classic jewelry rings to fit all tastes are perfect as the accessory for everyday  wear. Classic styles easily transform from the perfect casual to brilliant formal or dress wear. For those who love the traditional styles and sleek sophistication, classic style is the way to go.

Comparative Clothing Styles to Jewelry Rings

If you are not sure what type of ring to purchase for someone and you want to surprise them, consider the clothing style of that individual. Clothing styles can be the perfect accompaniment to jewelry rings to fit all tastes. Consider the following clothing styles and the styles that create the perfect marriage:

The vintage jewelry ring style is for individuals with all tastes that enjoy wearing lace, ruffles, velvet, silk and soft pastel colors. Clothing styles that feature floral designs or breezy materials are perfect for vintage jewelry.

Modern jewelry ring styles to suit all tastes go well with sophisticated clothing looks including, animal print, bold patterns and bold or bright colors. Think contemporary and edgy.

Classic jewelry rings to suit all tastes couple well with clothing styles including, cotton shirts, button-down shirts or collars, black sophisticated basic dresses, pleated skirts, blazers, suits, flannels and tweeds.

Accessory Jewelry

Small jewelry rings to suit all tastes can also include toe rings and pinky rings. This type of jewelry is modern, hip and popular. Some individuals enjoy wearing more than one or two rings, which makes the pinky and the toe ring the perfect accessory jewelry piece. Toe rings and pinky rings often feature either a sleek basic gold band or a gold band with small stones inset into the rings. Toe rings and pinky rings often are created with “dangle” stones or charms for added effect. Toe rings and pinky rings can be worn for all casual occasions, as well as dress and formal occasions. Since they are rising in popularity, toe rings and pinky rings are the perfect jewelry rings to suit all tastes.

Enduring Style

Vintage, modern and classic jewelry rings to suit all tastes change with the times and never go out of style. They are the perfect styles to purchase for a bridal set, for heirloom jewelry, for birthstone or family jewelry and for accessory jewelry, such as pinky rings or toe rings. Choose a style that features enduring style and one that also is a positive and wise investment. Buying jewelry rings to suit all tastes is not as complicated as it may seem. It is simply a matter of taste with style and clothing coordination.


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