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How to Increase Your Wealth with Silver Jewelry



How to Increase Your Wealth with Silver Jewelry

When it comes to increasing wealth with commodities like precious metals, most people immediately think of gold. It is what the American economy was originally built on and supported by for centuries. While gold still supports markets to some degree, but there is obviously not enough to be able to fully support the American economy, let alone the world economy. Regardless, this is still a wonderful investment tool and a great addition to a portfolio to building wealth.


With all of the focus on gold, especially with recent times, many people forget that there are plenty of other metals and commodities that can actually help just as much if not more in increasing a person’s wealth. One of the metals that often gets overlooked is silver. Most families have had silver jewelry in their estate for years, going back many generations. They know about it but often do not realize that their silver jewelry is actually a way for them to increase their wealth.

Store It or Sell It

There are two things that a person can do with their silver jewelry. If it is not broken and is a cherished treasure, then they can simply store it in a safe place. For higher valued silver jewelry, a person should take the time to place it in a lock box or somewhere that is out of regular eyesight. If the jewelry is broken or simply no longer desired, a person should never just throw it away.

Silver jewelry actually has a lot of value, even the broken pieces of jewelry. Most people have seen the hundreds of signs and advertisements that say “We Buy Gold”. What they may not realize or even know is that quite a few of them will buy any kind of precious metal. That means that they will also buy broken or unwanted pieces of silver jewelry. They may not fetch the same price as gold, but they will pay a decent amount.

Selling silver jewelry is not actually increasing wealth, but instead, it is more unlocking wealth. The silver jewelry was already in the person’s possession, and the value was there all along. Selling just simply liquidates the asset. This is still an important to remember when it comes to increasing a person’s wealth. Unlocking this asset means a person can then move the cash gained from the sale into another investment vehicle.



Investing in Silver

When it comes to increasing wealth with silver jewelry, a person needs to keep in mind that this is slightly different from their normal process of purchasing the jewelry for themselves. A person has to consider the desirability of the silver jewelry for when it comes time to sell the asset. There is nothing worse than having something of value but not having a buyer for it. If the jewelry is something that is popular or the investor believes that it will be popular years down the road, then this is an excellent reason to purchase the silver jewelry as an investment. The silver will increase in value over time, which, in the end, will help to increase a person’s wealth.

Silver jewelry is not the only kind of silver that people can invest in. Another silver item that a person can invest in is silver coins. Practically everyone has seen the commercials or advertisements for silver coins and the commercials are primarily aimed at collectors, but investors should also pay attention. This is also an excellent way to increase wealth.

This does not mean that a person should just go out and purchase any silver coin simply because it is made out of silver. There is actually some thought that should go into it. For instance, a person needs to understand how coins are valued and what could potentially increase the value of those coins. These are for collectors so typically they are limited prints only. Once they reach the allotted number of coins for reprint they will simply cease production, meaning the silver coins will be worth even more.

For the most part, when people look to increase their wealth with silver they usually go with silver jewelry as their main choice. One of the great things about purchasing silver jewelry is that there are actually opportunities to save more money on the purchase of the jewelry, as many of the silver jewelry retailers often publish coupons to help attract new customers to their store. That means that a person purchasing silver jewelry can actually take advantage of these coupons and actually purchase their new jewelry for less.

There are many opportunities for buying silver jewelry with coupon codes and all it requires is the buyer enter the coupon code in the box on the company website at the checkout. The discount will then be added to the total costs of the silver jewelry. As a bonus, most online retailers of jewelry offer free shipping on all of their purchases.

The great thing about using silver jewelry as an investment is that any type of investor can do it. A person does not have to be fabulously wealthy or make the purchase through a brokerage firm. This is something that can be easily done by anyone. The easy access to this type of investment actually helps boost the whole silver economy because more people can purchase or sell it.

One last thing to remember when it comes to increasing wealth with silver jewelry is that a person should not forget to have their investment insured. So many people will spend a lot of money on this type of investment and never have it insured. This can be a recipe for disaster, especially if, like in most cases, the investment is kept at home. Anything could happen in a second, and the wealth could be wiped out in an instant.

Choosing silver as an investment is an option and increasing overall wealth can be done by purchasing silver. Never overlook the silver jewelry that is lying around ready to be liquidated. That money can be reinvested in other metals that can add to a portfolio.



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