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How Does a Jewelry Bidding Auction Work?


How Does a Jewelry Bidding Auction Work?



Friendly Reminders On Jewelry Bidding

Jewelry Auction is a great event to acquire magnificent piece of jewelry at lower price or a good way of getting rare items that retailer doesn’t usually sell. These auctions are an ideal way for buying and selling rare jewelry.

Some auctions are free and open to the public so there is no obligation to bid. Going to an auction is the first step to research and familiarize yourself with the process before you consider bidding and doing it for real. Some auctions, due to their popularity and prestige, will require tickets. Check with the auction house beforehand or check if the need for tickets is noted in the auction catalogue.

Exhibitions are conducted around a week prior to the auction date. You will see various auction items. During these times an expert from the auction house is present and will entertain questions. Don’t be shy! That is what they are there for, to answer your inquiries and share their extensive knowledge and expertise.

Buying At Auction

You probably watched it on TV, you might heard about Jewelry Bidding on the news, but the experience of actually going and bidding at auction is a little intimidating and more tense in reality. It is for most of us but auctions actual scenario is that it is relatively simple, if you know some of these tips.


Hold your horses. The first thing that you must do when you are going to Jewelry Bidding is to wait!  I know you want it so terribly bad, and you just got to bid on it now to show your excitement but if you bid on it now, you have just decreased your chances of getting it later.  The best instance that I have found to bid on your desired item is within 10-15 seconds of auction's close.  This might seem outrageous, but bear with me. If you bid early, then you have just given yourself up. Others can see and think that you have bid and now have a chance to bid higher to beat you. If you wait until less than 15 seconds, then you will not give a chance to other bidders to react to your bid and your chances of winning will surely and greatly increase.

Know your max bid.

Adjust accordingly throughout the auction but always keep in mind your maximum bid. Since bid varies, always consider your funds, you might get carried away on your Jewelry Bidding and bid outside your budget. So once your funds run out consider the item sold to other people, don't attempt to bid without your pocket backing you up.

You should control yourself.

Auctions tend to be exciting and lively. Most of the time the competition is getting out of hand and Jewelry Bidding will be later based on emotions. So always maintain your poker face and make sure that you always keep a leveled head. Your goal in Jewelry Bidding must be clear and don't let your emotions get the best of you by getting agitated.

Bidding Increments

Please note that the first bid ( aka opening or starting bid) on an item does NOT require a raise and therefore has a bid increment of $0.

This site is setup for whole dollar bidding only (no cents allowed,e.g $15).

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $49 $5
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $249 $20
$250 - $399 $25
$400 - $749 $50
$750 - $1999 $100
$2,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10000+ $400