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Columbus Day 2016 Giveaway


Happy Columbus Day !! (Watch Video Below)


During Sept. 29 - Oct. 12,2016 we are running a giveaway promotion. It's open for all registers. Here's how you can win your free jewelry...


Step 1

During this giveaway promo, find 20+ items which are your favorites then go to each product page and "ADD TREASURE"


Step 2

For your next five checkout, use these coupons below. (Coupons will give unexpected discount)


     Coupon Code: Compass

     Coupon Code: PirateHat

     Coupon Code: Ship

     Coupon Code: VintageMap

     Coupon Code: Telescope


*Note: Each code may only use once per checkout. Must use all five coupons to advance step 3


Step 3

Once you used all 5 coupons in 5 different invoices,

Go to Register completion at >> CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT COMPLETION




     Title (Ready for my Free Jewelry),

     Info (Please review my contest),

     Category (Contest),

     Submit New Ticket


     Final Note: All participants who has completed all 3 steps above will receive a FREE JEWELRY.  We will review what's your favorite treasure which was added and try to accomendate your request. All submitted contest will be answered by Oct. 18th. Thank you for participating. We hope you can ask more friends & family to join this promotion. More promoting & giveaway coming soon! Happy Cloumbus Day!




Bidding Increments

Please note that the first bid ( aka opening or starting bid) on an item does NOT require a raise and therefore has a bid increment of $0.

This site is setup for whole dollar bidding only (no cents allowed,e.g $15).

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $49 $5
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $249 $20
$250 - $399 $25
$400 - $749 $50
$750 - $1999 $100
$2,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10000+ $400