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J.A.B. - 12 Hours Knockout


JAM Jewelry Auction Burst

Knockout the Prices

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Frequently Asked Question

What is J.A.B.?

J.A.B. (Jewelry Auction Burst)

It’s a normal auction which only allows a short 12 hours bidding from start to end.

**IMPORTANT: This is a real auction so you will PAY ALL won auction(s)

I cannot find the bid box?

You're probably looking at the preview. You may see on the right side there is the start time for bidding this item.

How can I benefit from this J.A.B. promotion?

1) J.A.B. auction has a short 12 hours expose and appearance from start to end, which is a huge advantage for bidder to win at your best price (Less competitor)

2) J.A.B. auction also have a special game bonus which allows you win at best price with cash discount rebate

How many J.A.B. auction in a week?

Twice a day (everyday) *subject maybe change

What is the game bonus for J.A.B.?

You will receive $50 Jewelryroom rebate or discount on your next future J.A.B. purchase, If you win (3) J.A.B. auctions within 7 days periods (counting starts on your first won J.A.B. auction)

1) You must Registered with Jewelryroom
2) You must win 3 JAB auctions out of the 14 coming JAB auctions (Your 7 days will count on your 1st won J.A.B. auction)
3) All winners must be responsible in contacting us at to claim your $50 discount. (in winning 3 JAB auctions within 7 days)

Hurry! Get to the Ring and Fight!
12 Hours Total Knockout!

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*Questions? Email us at (Subject: J.A.B. 12 Hours Knockout) Thank you!


Bidding Increments

Please note that the first bid ( aka opening or starting bid) on an item does NOT require a raise and therefore has a bid increment of $0.

This site is setup for whole dollar bidding only (no cents allowed,e.g $15).

Current Price Bid Increment
$1 - $49 $5
$50 - $99 $10
$100 - $249 $20
$250 - $399 $25
$400 - $749 $50
$750 - $1999 $100
$2,000 - $4,999 $200
$5,000 - $9,999 $250
$10000+ $400